About Us

Founder – Mrs. Anupama Kumar

    Internationally Certified

  • Childbirth Educator
  • Pregnancy Fitness Educator
  • Lactation Educator
  • Infant and Young Child Feeding Counsellor
  • Birth Doula
  • Pregnancy Health Coach


Mrs. Anupama Kumar Vijayanand B.E., CCCE, CPFE, CCLE has her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Anna University. She worked as a Software Engineer in India and Germany for four years.

Anupama’s own pregnancy made her explore the world of Childbirth Education and motivated her to create “Vriksham”. She is an Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, an Internationally Certified Pregnancy Fitness Educator and an Internationally Certified lactation educator. Anupama is a “Birth Doula” trained in Singapore. She is also a Central Government Certified Infant and Young child feeding counsellor. She is a LAMAZE Trained Educator. She is also a Internationally Certified Pregnancy Health Coach.

She takes credit to be the first CCCE, CPFE and Birth Doula in Tamilnadu. She conducts regular Preconception and Antenatal (Pregnancy Care) programs at “Vriksham”. She has an experience of 8+years in this field, has trained 100 + offline batches of vriksham mommies I.E 2500 odd pregnant moms and assisted some of them during Labor and Birth.

She also reaches out to 10,000 odd mommies through her online classes.

Anupama is a Social Media Influencer with a fan following of 80,000 followers on Instagram.

She is one of the admins of the facebook support group Tirupur M.O.M.S{Moms Offering Moms Support} which arranges a lot of free sessions for moms and kids.

Being a mother of a 10 year old, her personal experience comes in handy while relating to participants circumstances.


  • She was recently recognised State Level Winner of “Homeprenuer Award Season 3” 2019 by Colours Tamil TV.
  • JCI honoured her outstanding service to the society and gave her the award “Active Citizen-2018”.
  • Rotary Tirupur Smart City Awarded her the “The Vocational Excellence Award 2017-2018“.
  • Rotary Tirupur Prime Awarded her the “The Vocational Excellence Award 2018-2019“


“Vriksham” addresses to empower fellow women and their family members with the power of global information on Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Family Support, Childbirth and Breast Feeding and to make them more Confidant, Positive and Empowered on their Pregnancy and Childbirth Journey.

During my own Pregnancy I was overwhelmed with lots of advice and overcame with fear of not knowing if everything everyone was saying was the right thing, I did not know if it was a myth or a fact, moreover everyone around me portrayed delivery to be a very fearful experience and I need to be very careful, which made me so unsure how to go about it. I could not get the right answers for this from my own family, friends, internet searches nor at a busy doctor's appointment.

My own Pregnancy experience made me explore the unconventional world of Childbirth Education and Motivated me create “Vriksham” to Empower Women, so they do not face the same hardship I went through.

Pregnancy Care Classes serve to help expectant Mothers by teaching them about Pregnancy, Labour, Delivery, Postpartum Recovery and Baby Care