Breast Feeding Class

Online Class

Who are eligible to attend ‘Breast Feeding’ Classes?

Expecting Mommies from 5 Months and All New Mommies are eligible to attend this class.

What Topics are Covered in the ‘Breast Feeding’ Classes?

  • How to know Baby is getting Enough?
  • Diet vs Breastfeeding
  • Latching and Positioning
  • Breaking Myths
  • How to Increase your Supply?
  • Hand Expression and Pumping
  • Solving Basic Breastfeeding Problems
  • Building your Confidence to Breastfeed Better

What are ‘Breast Feeding’ Classes?

Breastfeeding is an art in itself and requires more of persistence and practice. Mother feeding can be healthy and comforting, but it is not always easy, especially while recovering from labor and Childbirth. Feeding the newborn aids in developing a healthy, pleasant, and happy relationship between a mother and her child. The new mother might worry about Postnatal care such as how to nurse her baby, or how often. Learning about lactation and latching will help you feel more confident about feeding your baby. You can get to know what is normal, or when some professional help is needed.

What are the benefits of attending these classes?

The Vriksham Breast Feeding webinar helps to understand the benefit that breast feeding can provide to a mother and her baby. Newborn Feeding Online classes help to build your confidence in getting the first latch right after the baby is born. Using this knowledge about Mother Feeding, a new mother can overcome the false advice that undermines your milk supply, particularly during the vulnerable time of the Fourth Trimester which is Postpartum.

With the data from this Breast Feeding webinar, you will be ready for issues. You'll not have so much pressure but rather more certainty when the child shows up any abnormal signs. It will help you settle on taught choices and turn into a promoter for you as well as your child.

Educator: Anupama (Click Here to view more details)