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What are Coimbatore Classes?

If you’re thinking about getting Married / Pregnant soon, or sometime in the future, It’s important to start making healthy choices now. Our goal is to provide information before pregnancy that can improve a women’s health, help her plan for pregnancy, help reduce risks to her future baby and help her comfortably sail through the first three months of pregnancy. There are things that both men and women can do improve the health of their future children.

What are the benefits of attending these classes?

Babies begin to develop even before women know they are pregnant. You may find out you are pregnant when your baby is already 5-8 weeks old. This means that the time to prepare for baby’s health is before you even get pregnant. The healthier you and your partner are at the time of conception, the better chance your baby will be healthy too! During this class you will learn about factors that contribute to or hinder your overall pregnancy health and that of your body, as well as help you put any risk factors into perspective

How is Pre-pregnancy class different from Pregnancy Care Class?

Pregnancy Care cCasses can help you after the 3rd month of pregnancy but pre-pregnancy classes help you to equip yourself before you plan for a pregnancy and gear you up to face early pregnancy smoothly till you can attend a pregnancy care classes.

Who are eligible for Pre-pregnancy Care Classes?

Any women of childbearing age before her marriage or before planning for pregnancy or in between pregnancies can attend these classes.